Centre for Atmospheric Sciences in IIT Delhi offers the following teaching programmes:

B.Tech Minor Area in Atmospheric Sciences

Core Courses
ASL 310: Fundamentals of Atmosphere and Ocean
ASL 320: Climate Change: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
Elective Course
ASL 410: Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric and Oceanic Phenomena

M.Tech in Atmospheric –Oceanic Science & Technology

Core Courses
ASL 730: Introduction to Weather, Climate and Air Pollution
ASP 731: Data Analysis Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
ASL 732: Mathematical and Computational Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
ASL 733: Physics of the Atmosphere
ASL 734: Dynamics of the Atmosphere
ASL 735: Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution
ASL 736: Science of Climate Change
ASL 737: Physical and Dynamical Oceanography
ASL 738: Numerical Modeling of the Atmosphere and Ocean
ASP 820: Advanced Data Analysis for Weather and Climate
ASP 881: Project-I
Elective Courses
ASL 750: Boundary Layer Meteorology
ASL 751: Dispersion of Air Pollutants
ASL 752: Mesoscale Meteorology
ASL 753: Atmospheric Aerosols
ASL 754: Cloud Physics
ASL 755: Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Ocean
ASL 756: Synoptic Meteorology
ASL 757: Tropical Weather and Climate
ASL 758: General Circulation of the Atmosphere
ASL 759: Land-Atmosphere Interactions
ASL 760: Renewable Energy Meteorology
ASL 761: Earth System Modeling
ASL 762: Air-Sea Interaction
ASL 763: Coastal Ocean and Estuarine Processes
ASS 800: Independent Study
ASL 821: Advanced Dynamic Meteorology
ASL 822: Climate Variability
ASL 823: Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
ASL 824: Parameterization of Physical Processes
ASP 825: Mesoscale Modeling
ASL 826: Ocean Modeling
ASL 827: Advanced Dynamic Oceanography
ASL 851: Special Topics in Climate
ASL 852: Special Topics in Oceans
ASV 853: Special Topics in Atmosphere
ASL 854: Special Topics in Air Pollution Studies
ASP 855: Special Topics in Atmosphere and Ocean
ASL 856: Special Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanic Observations
ASV 862: Special Module in Climate
ASV 863: Special Module in Oceans
ASV 864: Special Module in Atmosphere
ASV 865: Special Module in Air Pollution Studies
ASL 866: Special Module in Atmosphere and Ocean
ASP 867: Special Module in Weather Forecasting
ASP 868: Special Module in Atmospheric and Oceanic Observations
ASC 869: Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Colloquium
ASD 882: Project-II

Pre Ph.D Courses (Doctor of Philosophy)