The following 3 High-Performance Computing clusters available for conducting numerical modelling research:

  1. Chandra, 16 nodes (192 processors) with 16TB RAID6 storage, FUJITSU Primary CPU cluster located in the Centre’s High Performance Computing Laboratory.

  2. Padum, a 422 node Petaflop-scale High Performance Computing cluster (8 CPU, 8 GPU and 4 Xeon Phi nodes have 505 GB RAM each), with Storage: Home space 678TB, Scratch space 3430TB, one of the world’s fastest supercomputers, located in the IIT Delhi Computer Services Centre.

  3. Baadal, the IITD Computing cloud (64 blade servers), an indigineously developed cloud orchestration and virtualization management software that can work with multiple virtualization technologies like KVM, Xen and VmWare.

Storage Servers :

  1. Storage1: 144 TB raw storage capacity Linux based RAID server
  2. Storage2: 34TB raw capacity NAS storage server
  3. Storage3: 300TB raw storage capacity Linux based RAID server

The following equipment are available for atmospheric pollution and related observations:

  1. PM10, PM2.5, Ozone, CO and NOx analysers
  2. Microtops Radiometer
  3. Aethalometer
  4. Spirometer for analyzing breath patterns
  5. Albedometer

The computing laboratories at the Centre are equipped with state-of-the-art desktop workstations for data analysis and visualization with softwares such as ERDAS imagine and ArcGIS etc.
IIT Delhi has network backbone connectivity of 10 Gbps across the entire Institute. Computing Laboratories at CAS are connected to the backbone through 10Gbps /1Gbps network switches.