The Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) was set up in the year 1979 at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Subsequently, the Ministry of Education, Government of India funded the Centre under the Sixth Five Year Plan. The Centre was also co-sponsored by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). It has 14 core faculty members and about 50 research scientists/assistants/scholars: a multi-disciplinary team of meteorologists, oceanographers, applied mathematicians, physicists, chemists, engineers and biologists working in the areas of atmospheric and oceanic sciences.

The major activities are: Research, Teaching and Continuing Education. These activities are oriented towards achieving fundamental understanding of the atmospheric and oceanic processes relevant to the tropics. The key research topics of the Centre have great relevance to weather and climate, especially the Indian summer monsoon, tropical cyclones & associated surges and air quality modelling. The Centre provides the best environment for higher studies in the fascinating and emerging sciences of the earth system.

Currently, an MoU is in place between the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) and IIT Delhi in commencing the M.Tech programme in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science and Technology and further fundamental and applied research in the field. In addition, MoES has funded endowment for the establishment of Sir Gilbert Walker MoES Distinguished Chair Professorship and three Dr. Sudhansu Kumar Banerji MoES outstanding young faculty fellowship in the Centre.