The Centre for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS) was set up at IIT Delhi in 1979. Research activities in the centre are oriented towards advancing our understanding of the fundamentals of the atmospheric and oceanic processes occurring in the tropics with particular emphasis on real-world issues such as weather forecasting, the Indian summer monsoon, tropical cyclones, and associated surges. The CAS provides one of the best environments in the country for higher studies in the emerging sciences of the Earth System.

The CAS has played a large role in understanding climate change and air pollution. Some of our work has been in understanding how climate has been changing over India, not only in the sense of quantifying temperature or rainfall changes, but also in explaining the processes that have led to these changes. We also model climate changes on IITD's Padum Supercomputer and CAS clusters and develop better models that account for local conditions. The Atmospheric Observatory at IITD Sonipat campus has instruments that will help us better understand how aerosols and greenhouse gases behave in our region and what the implications are for climate change.

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Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Block VI,
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, India