Prospective Students

Academic Programmes at CAS:

The Centre for Atmospheric Sciences offers two academic programmes – MTech and PhD.

Check here for details: Course of study: CAS, IIT Delhi

1. MTech in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science & Technology

  1. The admissions to the MTech programme are conducted once a year. Usually, the call for applications is advertised by IIT Delhi in March, and the candidates should apply through the online application portal.
  2. We offer assistantships for full-time students admitted into the MTech programme.
  3. The admissions to these full-time seats are made based on GATE score. The GATE scores in Engineering Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Geology & Geophysics, Agricultural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Production and Industrial Engineering, Mining Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics Engineering, and Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering qualify for admission to the MTech in Atmospheric Oceanic Science & Technology.
  4. Those who qualify with other engineering subjects are also eligible to apply for our MTech programme, provided they have at least one year of relevant work experience in the field.
  5. If the qualifying degree is M.Sc., then the candidates must have both Physics and Mathematics studied at the B.Sc. level.
  6. The requirement of GATE is waived for those who have graduated (with integrated B.Sc.-M.Sc./integrated BS-MS/B.Tech) from a Centrally Funded Technical Institute (CFTI) with a CGPA of 8.0 or above.
  7. In addition to the assistantship seats, we admit sponsored full-time and part-time students with relevant work experience.
  8. Sponsored full-time and part-time students do not require GATE qualification and are admitted based on performance in the interview conducted by the Centre Research Committee.
  9. The part-time/sponsored full-time students should also apply through the online application portal.
  10. Meeting the other admission criteria specified by the institute, such as the minimum score in the qualifying degree and subject requirements is necessary for admission.

2. PhD Programme in Atmospheric Sciences

  1. The admissions to the PhD programme are typically made twice a year – in May/June and November/December. The institute advertises the PhD admissions usually in March and October.
  2. The applications for PhD admissions are to be submitted through the online admission portal.
  3. The PhD admissions are based on the candidate's performance in an interview conducted by the Centre Research Committee.
  4. The Centre sets eligibility criteria at a higher level than the institute minimum criteria which are revised from time to time by the Centre Research Committee. The eligibility for our PhD programme in the last round of admissions is given below:

  1. Part-time/sponsored full-time admission to the PhD programme is available for professionals working in the area of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and having at least one year of relevant work experience.
  2. The criteria for part-time/sponsored full-time admission are the same as those for the full-time PhD programme, as mentioned above, except that the requirement of the national level qualifying exam is waived off.
  3. All part-time students working in organizations outside the 50 km radius of IIT Delhi will have to secure leave from their organizations to complete the coursework.
  4. The typical duration of the coursework is one year.
  5. The application for admission to the part-time/sponsored full-time PhD should also be made through the online portal as in the case of a full-time PhD.

3. Admission of International Students

  1. Eligible international students can apply for the MTech and PhD programmes at the Centre.
  2. The application process (see for international students is different from the process described above.
  3. A limited number of assistantships are available to international applicants. See for further details.
  4. The requirements of the qualifying degree (including the requirement of Physics and Mathematics at the UG level) are the same as that of regular PhD admission, as mentioned above. However, the cut-off mark is fixed at the institute level minimum cut-off. Also, the requirement of the national level exam is waived for international students.
  5. However, in the case of a foreign student who obtained the qualifying degree from an Indian university/institute, all the requirements (including minimum performance and national level exam requirements) of a regular PhD admission, as mentioned above, will apply.
  6. Students are admitted based on their performance in an interview conducted by the Centre Research Committee.

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