Academic Programmes

Undergraduate Programmes

The Centre has initiated Minor Area Programme in Atmospheric Sciences since 2011-12. In this minor area programme, there are two core courses which deal with the Fundamentals of Atmosphere & Ocean and Climate Change. Besides these two core courses, one course on numerical modeling of atmosphere and ocean is floated exclusively for UG students. The students also have option for 26 electives where they have a wide range of choice from various applied courses covering all important topics in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. In order to complete the Minor Area Programme in Atmospheric Sciences, students need to earn 20 credits from among these courses. A mini project of 6 credits is also introduced as part of the minor area programme to facilitate completion of 20 credits.

Post Graduate Programmes (M.Tech)

The M.Tech Programme in Atmospheric-Oceanic Science & Technology was introduced in the year 2008-2009 and was revamped this year in view of the Institute-wide M.Tech curriculum review on the basis of gained experience, feedback from various stakeholders including students, Government research organizations and private sectors. The courses under this programme are designed in such a way that students with engineering and science background will be able to get interested in the exciting field of Weather and Climate. The courses are also oriented to help the graduated students get employed in government organizations, public and private sectors or continue in a doctoral program within the country and abroad. There are 11 core courses including three bridge courses and a Major Project. In addition to these core courses, there are a number of electives which include all state-of-the-art topics in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. Some special modules for one credit are also floated every semester which are usually timed with the visits of distinguished scientists from inside the country and abroad.

Doctoral Courses

There are several advanced level courses in CAS for the benefit of students registered for Ph.D. in CAS. These courses include Tropical Meteorology, General Meteorology, Advanced Dynamic Meteorology, Dynamic and Physical Oceanography, Numerical Modelling and some other advanced level courses. In addition to the Ph.D. students registered in CAS, students from other disciplines also register for these courses.