BTech (Minor Area)

 B.Tech Minor Area in Atmospheric Sciences

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  1. The Centre has initiated Minor Area Programme in Atmospheric Sciences since 2011-12.
  2. In this minor area programme, there are six courses exclusively designed for UG students, which deal with fundamentals of weather, climate, climate change, oceanography, monsoon, earths physical processes climate modeling. UG Students need to take at least 2 courses from this pool for minor area.
  3. The students also have options for 26 electives where they have a wide range of choice from various applied courses covering all important topics in atmospheric and oceanic sciences. In order to complete the Minor Area Programme in Atmospheric Sciences, students need to earn 20 credits from among these courses.
  4. A minor area project of 5 credits is also introduced as part of the minor area programme to facilitate completion of 20 credits.

Program structure (taken from page no. 80 of “Courses of Study, IIT Delhi”):

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Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Block VI,
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
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